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The Individual Relationship around korean business key

Korea is a one out of country that be sure to be counted in the Asian’s great moment.  The free economical market this gingseng country becomes a one of top five in the whole the Asia, and be a 15th grade in the world. It’s not wreak, this country is counted as a “ Macan Asia “
Now days, the South Korea is counted as a country which with a higher enough income by World Bank and IMF. If we have Seoul as a mother country South Korea, this place really can be a central place of South Korea,  where is no big  gap between poor people and rich people.
The country that be a family head from some big companies like LG, Samsung, and Hyundai, has a competitive knowledge system also can produce labors whose have high motivation and good skill. All of that related to ethos, culture, also labor’s culture from its labors.
With the differences between cultures, the business culture of Korea becomes a challenge for the foreign entrepreneur. Almost the Korea’s companies are influenced by Confucianism culture. The companies of Korea generally have a high hierarchy system and centralization with some people “core “included managers who can make a big decision. All of job’s descriptions, authority and the work relationship between boss and employer based on seniorities.
The entrepreneur who haven’t be ready and be experienced with Confucianism will find obstacle to do business in Korea. Even tough, there are so many Korean’s people got a knowledge in Western, the norms of Confucianism still dominant and look clearly in Korea.  The foreign people mustn’t have to follow social norms in Korea totally. But, they can be more respect if want to share their carrying and their spirit to learn some key words in the Korea language and follow some social norms.
Korean’s entrepreneur hopes that they can fulfill a promise and be on time to come in the meeting. The first professional traditional that can be done between both of them in meeting is change name card each card. It is important to make believing also relationship in order the process can be running well. It doesn’t like in Western, this process needs time and be patient.  Korea’s people are happy to business with the people that have known before. From the Western’s people side, Koreans are considered almost “sensitive “. They don’t like to lost their face and be placed in the difficult position in front of the other people.
The first meeting is usually to grow up the believing. So they don’t refer to main problem. We have to be formal person until the Koreans or the delegations show the enjoy attitude. The successful of business also related to the social relationship. Sharing dinner each other can be a way to grow up the relation that can push the occurring of believing. The Koreans businessmen are great negotiation. They admire the companies that have delegations which can negotiate perseveringly, but doesn’t much aggressive. The sensitive issues generally be told letter, while the process runs, especially if related difficult things and financial problem.
Encouraging to be introduced through to both of sides than contact its life or contacts them randomly. To meet the special person, it must be related to how can be introducing done.            A credible mediator can help to get the believing from the Korean’s businessmen. Even less, if the respect delegations. Usually, they need time to decide the decision because this case is taken by the collective agreement.  The time which needs a longer than the perspective before.
If we can from the language imagine before. Their perceptions and understanding often be lost from the truth, what the Western people. The culture differences often occurs the big enough hindrance in the communications. Usually, the western people try to repeat or make in some repetition in order to make understanding well. In another hand, they change their own notes each others in order to understand the main of both of sides.
In Korea, legal document is not important if it is considered with individual relationship. Also they don’t like detailed contract or difficult. They are be more like the flexible contract in order to do the adaptations with the changes of conditions, that happened perhaps. It is more important to make relations based on believing and gives advantages than make a long and detail contract. For Korea’s people, “what “ is not important in the contain of , even “ who” signing it, and “why“ contract is mad.
Entertainment is also as an important position in the relationship in Korea. They always compete to drink and change a little present.  Now, golf as a favorite sport and become a interested thing. By this activity, the business relation can become more personal. The knowledge about family, state, hobby, birthday, experience, until the philosophy of individual can be gotten by the entertainment and sport. Even, one out of informal agreement from the side that has believed can be more influenced than the written agreement document.
The concept of Korea’s culture basically included as Kibun, Inhawa, and Confusianism. There is no meaning in the word Kibun in English. But, as a concept that grasp all of life aspect Koreas people, that word can be described as a pride of, mood, countenance or the way to look. In struggle to save Kibun, properly in the business context, a person must respect to others and avoid all of things that can make person becomes shy. In the cultureless, where social harmonist is considered as an important thing, the ability to intemperate others mind (often be called Nunchi ) is important to run the business.
Inhawa is an imaginary of Confisian believing. It means that the approach of Korea harmonization. As a one of collective civilization, the decision from discussion result is important to maintain a harmonization in Korea.  In order the Inhawa can run in accordance with, Koreas people always try to be with positive answers and averse to ignore directly. In the Korea’s culture, this thing is mirror in the company’s loyalty, obedience, and labor’s attitude.
However Confucianism is a philosophy that can influence a lot of Korean’s people. The root of Korean’s culture, so it infiltrates to other people in there. This philosophy forms a moral, national law and life style in Korea generally, starts from family to the their social life.
Released from another influenced, South Korea can still maintain its identity and clear characteristic and homogeny. There are so many influences that are felt from the believing. One more again, Korea has an exciting view and landscape. Korean’s civilizations maintain the legacy or unique aircraft also the language that formed by the long history and curving. As a result, that thing is mirrored in the culture and working culture or it business.
The changes of Korea still to be continued. Even though this country has known as its story that enough complicated from Japan in the last of World War II, they still face the Cold War. But, Korea produced the significant increasing and more grow up that will become one out of the big one in the Asia, except Japan and China the business opportunity that grow up in the Korea also increase the interested and the curious the its culture knowledge.

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